Hemp Extract: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

—Jim Rohn, entrepreneur & motivational speaker

Making changes to your daily routine doesn’t have to be a downer. Taking up yoga, swapping green tea for your usual Diet Coke, or making time for meditation—all of these changes are pretty easy no-brainers when it comes to protecting your health.

The hitch, however, is that you have to stick with the changes in order to benefit most from them.

In a quest for optimum wellness, people have turned to WildPlant hemp extract as a simple, natural solution to maintain their overall health. Many adopt CBD as part of their daily supplement regimen. But some of our customers tell us they’re only seeking temporary pain relief. This begs the question: Is it best to take hemp extract every day, even if you aren’t battling any major physical or emotional ailments? Or should you wait until you’re in need of pain management and just take short-term doses?

First, a little background: When CBD is introduced to your body in the form of hemp extract, it stimulates your body’s natural systems to function and communicate at higher-than-normal levels. That increased activity helps the body combat conditions that keep you from a natural level of homeostasis. In short—it helps you feel balanced.

While some consumers report immediate results when they first begin taking CBD oil, most say that they experienced the full benefits of hemp extract over time. We often hear that our customers took hemp extract to combat one health issue and then they notice, over time, that other issues have subsided as well.

Collectively, all of your bodily systems and homeostatic processes are connected. When they’re in balance, they lead to a high-functioning immune system that’s more effective in fighting off disease and keeping you healthy. 

The use of hemp extract as a boost for your body’s immune system is well documented, but only if the level of CBD in your body is consistent.

Keeping a consistent level of CBD in your system maximizes your body’s ability to benefit from it. After all, you don’t get in shape from one workout, you won’t lower your cholesterol level by eating just one plant-based burger, and a doctor wouldn’t recommend one dose of Vitamin D for a patient who suffers from a deficiency.

Ditto with the use of hemp extract—an occasional dose won’t deliver the maximum powerful benefits to your overall health.

So that brings us back to the subject of creating healthy routines in your life. We recommend that you commit to taking hemp extract daily and then supplement your daily dose with more if the need arises. 

And if you’re wondering where to start, we always advocate the “low and slow” method when incorporating hemp products into your daily wellness routine. The dose that works for you might not work for your friend or family member—and vice versa. Always listen to your body and remain cognizant of how you’re feeling. This way, you can consciously decide to increase or reduce your serving size.

By taking hemp extract regularly, you offer your body a natural solution for overall balance and wellness.