There are many ways to use hemp products for wellness, such as vaping to edibles to tinctures. We are going to outline our favorite and most effective methods in order of absorption and bioavailability. When choosing the option that is best for your needs, we recommend figuring out what your goals are, and where in your body you are targeting for improvements.

If you feel like you’re not very “in tune” and won’t notice the changes you might experience, try checking in with yourself every day and keeping a baseline record of how you’re feeling. This will allow you to go back and track progress.

Vaping or Smoking: The quickest way to “feel it!” Vaping or smoking hemp flower goes straight to the capillaries in your lungs and right into your bloodstream. There are still risks associated with vaping and smoking hemp flower, though. Since vaping became prevalent, there hasn’t been enough time to adequately study its safety longitudinally, and we know that smoke + lungs = not great.

Lozenges, Sprays, and Tinctures: The sublingual vein under you tongue allows you to absorb your hemp extract tincture or oil directly into your bloodstream with the only loss of bioavailability coming from enzymes in your saliva. Most people notice a difference in how they’re feeling in just a few minutes.

Edibles: For those that want a serving of wellness with their snacks. Perhaps the tastiest way to get your phytocannabinoid fix, although since it has to be digested, it takes a while to kick in and a lot of the phytocannabinoids are lost through the digestion and metabolic process.

Gelcaps, Pills and Capsules: For the people that can’t stand the thought of vaping or smoking hemp flower, and also can’t stand the taste of the sublingual tinctures and sprays, Capsules, Pills and Gel-caps might be a viable option. The drawback to oral consumption is that with most products, a large portion of the phytocannabinoids are filtered out during digestive and metabolic processes, similarly to edibles.

Topicals: If you’re experiencing localized discomfort you might want to try a high quality topical. This will deliver the highest concentrate of phytocannabinoids right where you need it.